Change Blight to Bright.

Detroit put the world on wheels.

With your help we can start to put Detroit back on its feet. Today, over 78,000 abandoned structures stand in the way of cleaner, safer living for our residents. But together we can rid these neighborhoods of urban blight and give the people of Detroit what they deserve: a clean slate.

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Help Detroit Eliminate Blight. Totally.

Our mission is to create safer communities through total blight elimination. We can’t just treat the symptoms; we need to treat the root cause. And we need your help. Every dollar you donate will go directly toward the removal of dangerous vacant structures, overgrown brush and dead trees, trash and other materials within our city neighborhoods.

78,000structures in the
city are vacant.

60%of Detroit's fires are
in vacant/abandoned buildings.

-13Since 1950, Detroit has dropped
from the 5th largest city
in America to the 18th.

Phase One: Clearing the Debris.

Non-structural blight removal.

Our crews of local residents begin by removing the dangerous dead brush and trees, trash, and illegally dumped materials throughout the designated project area.

500tires have been collected
and disposed of.

170,000+pounds of trash and
brush have been eliminated.

14discarded boats
have been recovered.

Phase Two: Reclaiming our Neighborhoods.

Structural blight removal.

Once the land has been cleared of debris, the crews bring in the heavy machinery and knock down the vacant structures and other urban decay that stains the neighborhood and hinders growth.

In the Brightmoor Area alone, 67 vacant structures will be completely removed.

Make it Personal.

"It makes me feel good that I’m doing something for the community.”

Terrance Gore, Brightmoor Resident

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