Turning Around Blighted Neighborhoods

Bill Pulte talks with Fox and Friends about partnering with communities to clear abandoned buildings and lots.

Dismissed By Detroit, Blight Authority Begins Work In Pontiac

The Detroit Blight Authority, which started under former Mayor Dave Bing, was told by the new administration that the city was going in a different direction in handling blight.

Detroit Blight Authority razed 305 homes in Pontiac Last Year - Crains Detroit Business

Tear Down Havens of Hell - Detroit News

While Americans are responding differently to the end of an intense campaign season, one thing that all Americans could agree on is that fixing our inner cities should be our No. 1 priority.

Bringing down the house: Pontiac chips away at city's blight - Crain's Detroit Business

A man nicknamed Preacher has one of the most important jobs in home demolition: safely removing the chimney.
On Thursday afternoon, the middle-aged Detroit resident – who plays Fender and Gretsch guitars and organ in his church on Van Dyke – sat on the roof of the blighted Pontiac house across the street from mine.

Blight Blitz Linked to Rising Detroit Property Values

A new report commissioned by Rock Ventures (parent company of Quicken Loans) found that Detroit property values rise when blighted buildings are removed. The report also found that there's far less cash than needed available to demolish ruined structures. The report, a joint project of Rock and the Skillman Foundation, says that property values rise by roughly 4% within 500 feet of a demo site. The Detroit News extrapolated this to an average of $1,106 per home or over $209 million across the city.

Pontiac's anti-blight fight is a story worth telling - Crain's Detroit Business

What does an eclectic mix of Oakland County politicians, private investors and community advocates have in common? They are all working together to fundamentally transform Pontiac into a blight-free, prosperous community once again.

Pulte Relocates Blight-Busting Effort From Detroit To Pontiac

Dismissed in Detroit, Bill Pulte now plans to take his blight-busting machine to much smaller -- but still distressed -- Pontiac, Mich., a toothsome suburb northwest of Motown.

Finley: Mike Duggan Demolished Bill Pulte And His Anti-Blight Operation

Nolan Finley writes in the Detroit News that Bill Pulte's sudden shutdown of his Detroit Blight Authority has its origins in Mayor Mike Duggan's office in Detroit city hall.

Bill Pulte: From Home Builder to Detroit's Unlikely Blight Buster - Forbes

Bill Pulte bounded into the middle of the street, grinning as he surveyed the unfinished neighborhood around him. Like so many subdivisions built over the years by Pulte Group, the 500-lot area was thrumming with contractors, trucks and earth-moving machines. If there's one thing Pulte Group has mastered over 60 years, it's building homes efficiently.