How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

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Space design and livability10 Topics · 16 PostsLast post in Pattern Language design & build to … by Mike the Architect, 20 hours ago
Work-at-home options1 Topic · 4 PostsLast post in Work-at-home Design by christopherGrimm, 2 days ago
Work-at-home Design
By christopherGrimm
2 days ago
Extreme Affordability6 Topics · 22 PostsLast post in Food for less by rbtkhn, 2 days ago
Materials ideas5 Topics · 5 PostsLast post in Combination of durability and beau … by BordenConstruct, 2 days ago
Construction methods6 Topics · 16 PostsLast post in Straw bale houses by Bluejay, 3 hours ago
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Transportation4 Topics · 7 PostsLast post in Reflections from UK 'New Cities' by chris_rushton, 1 day ago
Apps to connect neighbors2 Topics · 3 PostsLast post in NextDoor App by DanielSoderberg, 2 weeks ago
NextDoor App
By DanielSoderberg
2 weeks ago
Neighborhood sharing/helping7 Topics · 14 PostsLast post in Tool Library by FreeWitz, 4 hours ago
Waste management4 Topics · 5 PostsLast post in Waste to energy by MoneySolvesProblems, 2 weeks ago
Waste to energy
By MoneySolvesProblems
2 weeks ago
Internet access2 Topics · 8 PostsLast post in 5G by FreeWitz, 2 days ago
By FreeWitz
2 days ago
Energy management5 Topics · 6 PostsLast post in Solar Panels on Roofs of Homes by freebeard, 2 days ago
Pet owner design2 Topics · 3 PostsLast post in Dog upgrades by FreeWitz, 2 days ago
Physical beauty3 Topics · 8 PostsLast post in Virtual Graffiti by freebeard, 6 hours ago
After school safe activities8 Topics · 9 PostsLast post in LAN Parties by FreeWitz, 21 hours ago
Urban farms10 Topics · 10 PostsLast post in Roof Top Farms by posttoast21, 24 hours ago
Storage solutions1 Topic · 1 PostLast post in Small business storage units - Min … by andrescalderonve, 2 weeks ago
Parking solutions2 Topics · 3 PostsLast post in Mobile Parking Lots by freebeard, 2 days ago
Delivery services2 Topics · 2 PostsLast post in Pneumatic tubes... by Andre van Delft, 2 weeks ago
Food services (and food equality)3 Topics · 12 PostsLast post in Central Cafeteria Idea by TexanRenegade, 2 days ago
Neighborhood security3 Topics · 9 PostsLast post in Community video surveillance by ScottAdams, 1 day ago
Healthcare4 Topics · 4 PostsLast post in Idea for doctor visits by lukeiceh2o, 1 day ago
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