How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

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Construction methods

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Straw bale housesBy Apeiron2 Answers · 41 ViewsLast post by Bluejay, 2 hours ago
By Bluejay
2 hours ago
Insulated Concrete FormsBy ScottAdams1 Answer · 21 ViewsLast post by freebeard, 20 hours ago
By freebeard
20 hours ago
Recycled Plastic Giant LegosBy ElenaTheSkeptic3 Answers · 31 ViewsLast post by ElenaTheSkeptic, 1 day ago
By ElenaTheSkeptic
1 day ago
factory supports neigborhoodBy doke 19502 Answers · 29 ViewsLast post by BordenConstruct, 2 days ago
By BordenConstruct
2 days ago
Who Needs Grids?By dingodonkey2 Answers · 73 ViewsLast post by freebeard, 2 weeks ago
By freebeard
2 weeks ago
Insulation blocks, plug and play building systems, or solid pour-concrete wallsBy jonseitz20180 Answers · 113 ViewsLast post by jonseitz2018, 2 weeks ago
By jonseitz2018
2 weeks ago