How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

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Non-Profit Projects

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Work-at-home DesignBy ScottAdams6 Answers · 507 ViewsLast post by sethoxrev, 4 days ago
By sethoxrev
4 days ago
What is working in your area?By ElizabethB5 Answers · 390 ViewsLast post by silly19, 1 week ago
By silly19
1 week ago
Dial Microsoft Support Number to Control Windows 10 Screen BrightnessBy johnsboss0 Answers · 21 ViewsLast post by johnsboss, 3 weeks ago
By johnsboss
3 weeks ago
Reds conclusion 7-sport throwing away streak vs Pirates with 3-0 victoryBy Richie0 Answers · 22 ViewsLast post by Richie, 4 weeks ago
By Richie
4 weeks ago
bitcoin revolution review 2019By johnwick0 Answers · 22 ViewsLast post by johnwick, 1 month ago
By johnwick
1 month ago
Build it and Forget itBy DanielSoderberg2 Answers · 398 ViewsLast post by autoportalss, 1 month ago
By autoportalss
1 month ago
Earlier Seahawks, LA Rams practice Chuck Knox dies at 86By Jerry81 Answer · 43 ViewsLast post by cooltipsn, 2 months ago
By cooltipsn
2 months ago
By TelcMome
2 months ago
Spiritual CenterBy Estelle1 Answer · 156 ViewsLast post by timeshetlibrarys, 2 months ago
By timeshetlibrarys
2 months ago
Technical Trades/SchoolsBy russ.lumley@yahoo.com2 Answers · 264 ViewsLast post by Arthur Stevens, 3 months ago
By Arthur Stevens
3 months ago
System to transition homeless (including vets) to jobs and housingBy barrylederman48@gmail.com2 Answers · 344 ViewsLast post by moviedown, 3 months ago
By moviedown
3 months ago
IMPROV and Open Mic TheatreBy Estelle0 Answers · 214 ViewsLast post by Estelle, 8 months ago
By Estelle
8 months ago
Tech Apprenticeship & Incubator CentersBy vullo8 Answers · 572 ViewsLast post by vullo, 12 months ago
By vullo
12 months ago
Target stick dog hints there is a pencilBy jhoncena010 Answers · 233 ViewsLast post by jhoncena01, 1 year ago
By jhoncena01
1 year ago
NONE OF THESE CATEGORIES APPLY TO WHAT I HAVE TO OFFER YOUBy auerbach881 Answer · 254 ViewsLast post by freebeard, 1 year ago
By freebeard
1 year ago
Meta Idea: Affirmative Action Georgist Political EconomyBy jabowery3 Answers · 530 ViewsLast post by Richard, 1 year ago
By Richard
1 year ago
Communal Care of AnimalsBy Maitland2 Answers · 375 ViewsLast post by rbtkhn, 1 year ago
By rbtkhn
1 year ago
Coding school, code campsBy CardonWebb3 Answers · 386 ViewsLast post by rbtkhn, 1 year ago
By rbtkhn
1 year ago
walk-in movie theatersBy DanielSoderberg0 Answers · 321 ViewsLast post by DanielSoderberg, 1 year ago
By DanielSoderberg
1 year ago