How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

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Space design and livability

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Urban market gardeningBy igroworganic.com8 Answers · 333 ViewsLast post by Arthur Stevens, 17 hours ago
By Arthur Stevens
17 hours ago
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By suddenlink-pay-bill
2 months ago
[Deleted - inadvertent duplicate]By Mike · 12 Answers · 354 ViewsLast post by lifelink, 2 months ago
By lifelink
2 months ago
Shopping Mall ConversionsBy brnevnz1 Answer · 409 ViewsLast post by CarolineBrown, 3 months ago
By CarolineBrown
3 months ago
TownshipBy hjbennyTx · 10 Answers · 369 ViewsLast post by Arthur Stevens, 4 months ago
By Arthur Stevens
4 months ago
Design for low-income social housing projectsBy yalini20012 Answers · 284 ViewsLast post by angelajones, 4 months ago
By angelajones
4 months ago
Lighting communal areas for safety but also happinessBy yalini20010 Answers · 181 ViewsLast post by yalini2001, 1 year ago
By yalini2001
1 year ago
Fruit Trees in National ParksBy Pajtim0 Answers · 306 ViewsLast post by Pajtim, 1 year ago
By Pajtim
1 year ago
Building CodesBy BillVoit3 Answers · 364 ViewsLast post by freebeard, 1 year ago
By freebeard
1 year ago
Pattern Language design & build toolBy Mike the Architect0 Answers · 320 ViewsLast post by Mike the Architect, 1 year ago
By Mike the Architect
1 year ago
Walled and gated courtyardsBy Mike0 Answers · 274 ViewsLast post by Mike, 1 year ago
By Mike
1 year ago
Traditional UrbanismBy rpf1 Answer · 637 ViewsLast post by BordenConstruct, 1 year ago
By BordenConstruct
1 year ago
Urban Public Gardens...By buddyhull5 Answers · 440 ViewsLast post by Karen Bury, 1 year ago
By Karen Bury
1 year ago
Deep Work areasBy Tim0 Answers · 420 ViewsLast post by Tim, 1 year ago
By Tim
1 year ago