How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

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A Homestead Act

My ancestors homesteaded. Could the government create a homestead type of plan to allow certain people to obtain their properties?

This seems like a good idea, the original homestead act required a certain number of years to make and keep the land productive in order to own it. Perhaps the land could be donated if the prospective owner would contract to build an approved home within a year or two. This could become a partnership for an organization such as Habitat for Humanity to help bring new owners into these areas. Then, if the home and yard are kept up for the duration of the homestead, (perhaps a community association of owners could be created to perform this function?), the final result would be ownership of the home itself. It's worth considering the possibility!

Holistic Planned Grazing seems to check a lot of boxes toward solving important problems:

If large blighted areas are turned into range/grassland with actively managed livestock, then the land can be returned to a healthy productive natural resource instead of an expensive liability. Having farmland directly adjacent to urban/suburban areas is quite common.

Properly managed range/grassland:

  1. Eliminates soil erosion and poisonous runoff
  2. Promotes efficient and healthy water and carbon cycles
  3. Provide jobs and a sense of purpose and responsibility as stewards of the land/livestock
  4. Provides fresh locally produced meat to improve nutrition and health of the local population
  5. Promotes a diverse and healthy local ecology without the use of pesticides or intensive (expensive) human intervention
  6. Turns dessert/barren/fire prone land into green, productive, fire resistant land filled with wildlife
  7. Contributes to reversing most modern diseases through a meat only diet -


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