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Aquaponics Plant, Urban Farming/Greenhouses, Restaurant and Grocery Story All-In-One Complex

Aquaponics is at a stage of development where building a farm/plant with new construction and designs is ripe!  Growing everything from food fish to tropical fish, and all the varieties of produce possible in one location providing for a grocery and restaurant.

Also can produce oils...

This is an idea who's time hopefully has come...

There are a ton of groups around the nation who would probably love to kick in ideas and resources to create something amazing, super functional, and coooooooool...

Check out this site:

Combine or attach this type of structure to a grocery store and you will have local fresh food year round.  The selection of what should be grown could be driven by voting on an app, this would ensure that the choices are in line with local tastes.

Aquaponics is a subset of aquaculture. An historical reference:

A German with a $200,000 backyard greenhouse tells Potland how to do hydo cash crops? Here's an example from Switzerland:

Fish from the sky may sound like pie-in-the-sky, but it’s a real thing, sort of. Conceptual Devices‘ Globe/Hedron design, created in conjunction with Urban Farmers AG, is a bamboogreenhouse intended for raising fish and vegetables on top of generic, flat roofs.

I love it!  Urban areas are dry on grocery stores because of the heavy theft.  And oh, don't get me started on flat roofs.  Why don't all these flat city apartment complexes have garden patios on top???

I'm loving aquariums lately and I think there's a desire out there for local quality aquarium shops with good fish and plants.  I could see some nerds finding a niche there.