How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

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[My] first post.

New to the forum, I find no means of introduction, or knowing if it's bbCode friendly, or how to preview, or how to ask. That said, I plan to promote certain concepts of spatial organization, construction and aerodynamics. Here is a bibliography that supports everything I have to say:

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I consider Paper Houses and Structure in Nature especially significant. I retain copies if there are questions. many, like Wolf Hilbertz' Marine Electrodeposition paper, are available online.,-ROGER-SHEPPARD,-RICHARD-THREADGILL

Paper Houses is less completist than Structure in Nature, but it contains chapters on theory, space filling and, uniquely, a method of sphere-point raising.

Another week, 34 views, no responses. Let's pad the list (it's heavy on construction, light on civil engineering):

Mumford argues for a world not in which technology rules, but rather in which it achieves a balance with nature. His ideal vision is what can be described as an "organic city," where culture is not usurped by technological innovation but rather thrives with it. Mumford contrasts these cities with those constructed around wars, tyrants, poverty, etc. However, the book is not an attack on the city, but rather an evaluation of its growth, how it came to be, and where it is heading, as evidenced by the final chapter "Retrospect and Prospect."

John Muir, Velvet Monkeywrench

Another week, 58 views, no responses.


Let's add something contemporary.

New Strategies For Smart Integrated Decentralised Energy Systems, AUTHOR: Florijn de Graaf, Spectral

It even has it's own bibliography.

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This is a fantastic way to build efficient Urban communities, and more people should know about this. I will share this on the website as I think that's a perfect way to share this with more people on the internet.