How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

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Build it and Forget it

My first thoughts when I heard of this project was how nice it would be if it was all just trees, grass, flowers ect.  Then the cost of maintaining it kicked in and that idea withered.    I then started thinking about what could be built and have little to no maintenance. Amphitheater,  Skate-park, and wild gardens are my ideas for low upkeep ideas.  Strawberrys and other annual edibles can be planted assuming annual rainfall can support them.  A wire/rebar greenhouse(without windows/still lets rainfall, light in) to keep critters out can be fabricated.  Artificial Ponds could also be used as watering source.  Likewise playgrounds are low upkeep and create a communal place.



There are building ideas that can be properly used and has much more to do. All along the world there is mymathgenius review that are helping the people in showing the ideas.

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