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Central package delivery boxes

Reduce package theft by providing a group of package storage lockers within easy walking distance of every home. Amazon and rural postal delivery already use variations of this idea. Allow a delivery person to indicate who the package is for, open an unused locker of appropriate size (have a mix of multiple small, a few large, one or two oversize), place the delivery inside, and provide a one-time-use code to the recipient to collect that package.

The high tech route would involve a touchscreen terminal to set recipient and locker, and automatically notify the recipient. Pickup could be by code or possibly linked to cell phone or RFID tag.

If the post office still provides door-to-door mail delivery, consider a locking package drop box curbside at every address. Otherwise, collocate the package storage lockers with the group mailboxes. Make the package delivery lockers delivery-service-agnostic, and avoid having to share lockers across multiple recipients.

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