How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

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Check out what Indianapolis is doing

There's a great program for turning abandoned properties.

They get properties from the city land bank as well as other resources.  I don't know if Renew or somebody else does demolition.  And I believe meth lab contaminated homes go to IDEM (environmental agency) for cleanup.  I think Indy is one of the better cities for getting these properties handled in a timely manner.  The Brownfields program saw a push in the last few years to get abandoned commercial and industrial properties cleaned up and/or capped to the extent that they can be redeveloped and lots of new development downtown has sprung up as a result.  There's still a lack of grocery stores.

As my business expands, I plan on getting the capital to buy and renovate these houses.  It's exciting to me 🙂