How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

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Could this possibly work? Creative assistance in home ownership

To avoid these new communities falling into the same traps that led to the degradation of the old failed communities,  there needs to be an incentive to keep the community clean,  productive,  and beautiful.


I'm a millennial that just purchased my first home....the "pride" of home ownership that i laughed at before is very very real.


I propose that every person who desires to live in these new communities is given the opportunity to be a part of LITERALLY building them.


Whether it's roofing,  electrical,  plumbing,  landscaping.....the number of hours "donated" to building this new community could be turned into credit towards the down payment of owning their own home in the place they helped build.  All the while this will be teaching valuable, always in demand skills to people who may not have previously had any.


This will go beyond pride in home ownership because no one wants to ruin something they worked hard to create, and they will protect it from being ruined by others.


Also, when things do start to break,  need repair or general improvement,  they're will be a surplus of qualified people to fix the roofs,  pipes,  etc....or they could even do it themselves making the cost of owning the home go way down.


As extra incentive,  perhaps the top 5% of people who "donated " the greatest number of hours towards building the community could allow them to own their home free and clear.


Once the community is built perhaps then the same concept could apply to hours "donated" towards fixing up and improving the community.


I know nothing about loans,  lending or if something like this could ever be cost effective for people investing the money in this community.  However, if someone could find a way for it to be.... This, I think, would be the best recipe for a community that would succeed and thrive long term.