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Dog Park

In my community there is a dog park and it is one of the happiest places you can go in the entire city. They are relatively cheap to build and maintain as well. I think it would be a good idea to stress that people who don't have animals could go there as well. Maybe try to make the dog park a little more multi-purpose than most dog parks tend to be.

My friends and I have also thought up some potential improvements to dog parks. Lets say, for instance, that there is a problem with dog attacks. (This isn't a problem in any of the dog parks I have ever been to, but just hypothetically speaking.) An electronic lock could be put on the gate, and anybody who wants to go to the dog park would have to get their own electronic key. If a dog attacks others or is overly aggressive, their key could be shut off.

You could put other information on these electronic keys, too. For instance, there could be an app that tells people how many dogs have entered into the dog park so people know if there are other dogs to play with or not. If one wishes, their dogs name could be entered so that their friends could meet up with them there as well. There are all kinds of options for upgrades if an electronic lock/key is added to the dog park. That would cost money and is unnecessary, though, so the electronic lock/key could be left off to keep costs down if the community wishes.

EDIT: This electronic key could certainly be done through a smartphone app.

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