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Don't Call It Goodwill - But That's the Model - And More

Each neighborhood has its won needs and resources.

In Orthodox Jewish communities, I think it started with wedding dresses. Each bride needs an expensive dress, but not all had the resources.
So after her wedding, a bride would donate her gown to the community collection.
Donors who donated for the rent and staffing of the collection also paid for alterations.
Now there are community collections for clothing for the families in the wedding party, table clothes, center pieces, and it doesn't stop there - also car seats.
But it doesn't stop at weddings, there are collections of winter coats and household products.

There could be trucks that come to central locations in wealthier parts of town to pick up donations.
Electronics, barbecue grills, costumes for Halloween, etc.

If need be, blankets and socks. And you might get those donated new.

Some things could be free and some with a small fee.

Love this idea, never would have thought about it for wedding dresses!

My community has a tool library idea that I am always surprised has not taken off more.  This model has a small annual membership fee, but with the right donations or corporate sponsor, you could have it set up for free.  It's particularly useful for situations that call for tools that the average homeowner wouldn't have the need to purchase.  Also, it provides workable space to actually complete a project for someone who might not have the garage space.

Because of having the shared hobby, it also becomes a "third place" where people gather in the community and learn something from each other.  Lots of little spin-off benefits like that.

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