How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

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Fiber-optic internet

If re-digging the utilities, lay fiber-optic line for all anticipated addresses. In an ideal world, allow two competing vendors to offer plans, so each business/residence can choose the better deal available deal, and ensure that competition keeps the price plans reasonable. This might require laying two lines to each access point, or routing each fiber to a switchbox where it's connected to one provider or the other. Allow multiple providers to compete for the two service contract every several years.

Isn't it true that fiber optic is only cable internet? If so, I find that to be quite limiting. I think going for a wireless internet would be much smarter, especially in a community that is likely to incorporate smart phone apps.

I agree that the last leg should be wireless, and that there should be wireless coverage available throughout the community. I live in such a community, with a professionally installed wireless network and commercial-grade wireless access points. The problem is that when everyone jumps on to start streaming video, gaming, etc., the wireless network doesn't have enough bandwidth to support all that demand. There's only so much data that can be moved through the electrons in the air at one time.

A fiber connection to each address would allow a resident to set up a wireless access point for the home, where the wireless bandwidth is shared only within that residence. Fiber would be able to handle a large number of streaming connections where wireless currently cannot - and demand keeps increasing, so even if 5G offers better bandwidth, we'll quickly max that out, too.

A fiber connection would also ensure that businesses and people working from home would have adequate speed and bandwidth - for example, a VPN connection requires low latency, can't use a satellite connection or a bogged down wifi connection.

With individuals paying the internet bill, and a competing provider, the individuals would have more recourse when one provider's performance is inadequate. Unhappy with the service? There's a competitor waiting for my business. With my current shared wifi network, I can complain to the management, but they've already given up on improving performance, they're not willing to put any more money into the system.