How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

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Food for less

Imagine a community with a central cafeteria, much the way a college operates. But add on top of that an app for ordering food to be delivered in minutes, or go pick up yourself. The bulk-buying would give you lower food prices and guarantee the selections are the healthy type. No need to shop, cook, clean. Just pick an entree from the app and it appears at your door's lockbox in 30 minutes.

Would this be a community buying in bulk for the communal cafeteria? (like a co-op). Would there be a membership card that pays for that bulk?

The food could be sourced from a co-op garden/farm that the community owns and thus they get paid by their own consumption.

It would be great source of local jobs for a range of skills. Chefs, cleaners, maintenance, delivery, logistics, accounting, development and customer support for app.

Alongside the inexpensive locally-sourced and bulk-purchased food there could be space for outside restaurants and food companies to rent and offer their own fresh food to the community, probably at a higher price, but there will plenty of people in the neighborhood who can afford a more luxurious meal from time to time.

The cafeteria could potentially sell to outside the community as well, although at some point you'd probably get to a pickup only situation, but if you could convince people from outside of the community to go to the cafeteria then you will be increasing the bulk discount and also increasing money spent in the community.

Electric food trucks. Pop-up dining rooms.