How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

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Healthy living center

Ideas for project blight. Being that many problems in Major cities is a loss of light manufacturing, which creates larger homeless/unemployed populations. The mentally ill, the dispossessed, and the criminal element seem to invade these abandoned areas. My thoughts are this:
Governmental projects are public burdon, filled with inefficiency corruption and politics. Negative press kills them because of political rivalries.

Projects: Off the grid community mental health/education/job skills training center. To have private donors and community labor build small settlements using the cheapest long term materials. Perhaps solar, geothermal, wind. Have these little homes with ability for small business enterprises. With community support, and high community sweat equity the projects would have more probably of not becoming a place for taggers and destructive criminal elements.
Habitat for humanity kind of projects. Small little energy self sufficient buildings for one family or single individual. Surrounding some kind of solar or wind farm. Perhaps some kind of tax break given in exchange for labor, materials, et all. Courts could assign non-drug related punishment of community service to increase the labor pools.
Add monthly or weekly visits by mobile health services: Volunteer medical personnel, including 3rd year interns. might be able to staff some help for the homeless and the mentally ill. The unfortunate downside is crime associated with predation of our most vulnerable citizens, or drug seeking maniacs that usually destroy places for low income or no income housing projects. Thus I suggest a larger plan for a healthy healing community. small buildings built by community members.
Have slightly larger buildings in the compound for small classes for direct job skill training. Classes of less than 10 would be best. Remember these are our most vulnerable people the lower class size would benefit all members of the class.
Have a central area for gardening- from flowers to trees. My dream community is to have wind/solar farms with gardening projects. Again the theme would be healthy centers. I am sure a creative person could generate specifics.
I would for health reasons discourage farming with animals of any kind- that s not a city appropriate endeavor.  Animals bring with them possible disease vectors. 

Id love to find ways to incorporate homes for the homeless and especially the elderly, however many of these public projects become housing for predators. A larger police presence would be needed, thus push back from city planners. Perhaps building a small sub station for the police/fire might be helpful. Just an extra little building attached to the training center.
Id love to see more mobile medical/mental health services for the homeless and most vulnerable. Something like the red cross mobile vehicles.

Thats my five minute brain storm.

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