How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

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Housing Setup/Urban Planning

It may seem weird to put housing setup in Transportation, but I think this is actually the best place for it. To the hosts of this site, I think we would benefit from a section for urban planning or something to that extent, because that's where I would've put this. Anyways, to my idea:

So I was thinking that in a community where there are a likely a lot of people who struggle to get around, it would be best to get those people closest to the "stuff". So theoretically, if your fun stuff (such as a basketball court) and other important destinations were all in the center, then if you built houses for the people without vehicles closest to the center, that would be ideal. The people with the vehicles could live on the outside and travel with their vehicles where they need to go. This could mean that you build houses without garages and driveways towards the center, which would save a lot of money building those houses, and they would be undesirable to the people with vehicles because those people would have no place to put their vehicles. I'm sure there are lots of urban planning ideas that could help, and also, congregating the people without vehicles towards one part of the community would actually make public transportation simpler potentially. I would love to hear what other people think about this idea.

EDIT: I just saw the Space Design and Livability section, which is probably where this is supposed to go. If the mods can move it that's great, if not, I guess it has to stay here.


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