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Inner City Kiosks

I was contemplating the problem that solving the homelessness epidemic is in part hard to achieve because the homeless are hamstringed by a lack of connection to modern social technology.

Social services, metal health community services, career advancement or temp agencies etc. are  somewhat inaccessible to people without the wherewithal to connect directly to these organizations that use internet for easier remote access.  Even though it would be helpful to create an app that combines assistance programs into an easy to navigate format between them, it would be the least accessible to the people who needed it most.

That's why I am proposing erecting street corner internet kiosks located in indigent areas that only direct internet connection to a limited number of online application(s) that is specifically designed to generate user accounts for members of the homeless community to use.  It would direct them to social services to help them find hope.  These people just need a life raft sometimes.