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Keeping Neighborhoods Clean

Children take great pride in being safety patrols and they love having a uniform (like a banner down their chest)

So why not have a neighborhood Clean-Up Patrol? Overseen by a responsible adult. Once weekly clean-up project, or maintenance of clean, unlittered zones.

Could even make it more fun. Find and sing "clean up" songs, even little "clean-up" dances.

This could give kids :

  1. Identification with a worthy cause and with good authority
  2. Sense of personal self-worth from helping their neighborhood and their neighbors.
  3. Fun together with peers, sharing in a positive contribution.

Meanwhile, the cleanliness of a neighborhood could be maintained, enhancing self and community respect. And many adults would be inspired by the children's efforts. These "Clean-Up Patrols" might even lift some of the inherent depression that goes along with living in blighted neighborhoods.

PS... I am a social worker who has worked in the housing projects of Southside, Chicago and Richmond, Virginia


Perhaps the adult could be paid?