How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

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Low Taxes and Regulations for Businesses that Run Vocational Schools and Hire Locally

Have the fed, state and local governments lower or eliminate taxes and regulations for these zones. Having low taxes would incentivize business to come in. Low regulation, especially around employment, will make it so locals can get jobs there.

It could potentially push out local people because it will attract a lot of money and bid up the housing prices nearby. Therefore, you might want to put some stipulations on it. For example...

Your business is only eligible for the super low taxes if it includes a vocational school as a way to get new employees locally. Kids/adults can go through the school and learn the skills required for the jobs at the company. Those in the school are exempted from having to go to regular school and they work for free or very low wage while they learn and then are guaranteed a job if they finish the program. Lower taxes will allow the companies to fund these schools. It will take a burden off of the local government schools. People get skills and jobs. Everyone's happy.

"lower [and] eliminate taxes and regulations ... especially around employment" for ALL commercial, residential and manufacturing activities and the latent value of the activities will be liberated.  Enormous opportunities would be created for all in the area who are willing and able to take advantage of them;  of those unwilling or unable, some will be displaced but some will be able to survive on the surplus of the wealth creation process.  The problem with the Blight Authority approach is, not the objective or the motives, although some will have less than altruistic motives, but the effort to design.  I'm reminded of the Frederick Hayak quote, "The curious task of economics [and sociology, ideology, and any other ology) is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design."  Clear the rubble, yes!  Salvage what value is there and use it, cost effectively, yes!  Employ the least expensive tools to do these things including employing unskilled labor from the local supply.  Then, after having lowered and eliminated taxes and regulation, stand back and watch the value emerge.

Detroit is ideally located at the intersection between east west trade from the east coast by rail and highway, domestically, and the St. Lawrence Seaway, internationally, and has access to all of the Continental US.  Detroit has a water front and access to outdoor recreation.  The winters are cold but not as cold as Chicago or Buffalo, Spring and Fall are gorgeous and summer is hot but relaxingly pleasant.  Detroit is a diamond, the value is there, in the ground; it needs to be liberated.