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Eat nothing but beef, water, and sea salt for a month. Eat when you're hungry, and don't stop until your body says stop. Trust your body for the first time in your life. See testimonials here: Search for ex-vegan stories on YouTube and other sites.

Ground beef can be bought for $2-3 per pound. A dozen eggs can be bought for $2. More expensive higher end steaks and animal based protein/fats can be used but aren't necessary for major health benefits. Add in other animal based fats/proteins one at a time, once a week.

This should cure most of the diseases that most people have in the modern day. You should see noticeable benefits within the first few days. Check with your doctor to see if you no longer need whatever medications you are using if/when your symptoms disappear.

For cancers you may need to use insulin, a glutamine blocker like DON (, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Cancers have damaged mitochondria that can't use ketone bodies for fuel, only glucose and glutamine. Removing/limiting the food source for the cancer and adding oxidative stress is vastly more successful at treating/eliminating the cancer than traditional methods. See the work of Thomas N. Seyfried, PHD of Boston College: