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Online Urgent Care and Alcohol Treatment

My company is an online telemedicine provider licensed in Michigan and 32 other states. We provide affordable urgent care for routine ailments, as well as alcohol addiction treatment online utilizing the Sinclair Method protocol. The Sinclair Method is unique in that it requires no counseling, AA or in-patient rehab and has a 78% long term documented success rate to treat Alcohol-Use Disorder. This life-saving treatment is relatively unknown but could be a tremendous benefit to areas where this problem is rampant. These links provide more information.


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Alcohol contains such ingredients that are strongly addictive. It stimulates the chemical receptors of the human brain and can cause convulsions, hallucinations and other similar effects due to the opioid content.

Thus, it may drag you to more danger than you can imagine. So, you must dial the alcohol help phone numbers to save yourself from such situations which can bring more harm to you.  Find the best alcohol treatment options at AddictionResource.