How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

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You as an investor might get a buildable lot absolutely free and employing innovative construction methods and/or government grants, build a number of simple singlefamily units very inexpensively. Then offer anyone with a job who wants to become a homeowner but doesn't have the cash or the credit history to basically be the bank for them. They'll pay you rent every month until they have paid off what you agreed on, at which point the home will be deeded to them. If they miss a payment you can have them evicted, or maybe the state will help them pay you off.

As long as the home cost is low enough, the payback number will be low too. When the payback number is lower than what government assistance pays for rent, you are ahead owning. These new homeowners will free up a huge mass of rental units, indirectly lowering rent costs for people not into this new way.

For example. Mother with 2 kids and dependent husband may be allowed $1000 mo. for rent by social assistance. This new home ownership plan would only need to pay $800 mo. to own the home. Eureka, all the mothers with 2 kids and dependent husband will wish to switch into the home ownership plan rather than rent. Social assistance savings in this example are 20% plus everyone is way happier. All the neighbors renting substandard places will be wishing the blight authority would come and doze their dump, or possibly just relocate into a new suburban development.

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