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Park-Oriented Community Development

In almost any neighborhood in the United States, no matter how economically-depressed it might be, if you build a beautiful park there, you will create an opportunity for market-rate commercial and residential development in immediately adjacent areas. If there is any kind of natural feature available, i.e. water, terrain, even forest, as there often is, then it will be that much easier. Parks alone provide a host of benefits to local communities, from health to environment to water to economics. But if the park is built in conjunction with market-rate commercial and housing development, the revenue from the development can pay for the construction and maintenance of the park and the associated development will multiply further the positive benefits of the park on the surrounding neighborhoods.

So my proposal would be to take vacant land that has been cleared, and construct park-oriented communities on it. If done right, the development will pay for the parks, and the model can be replicated as often as land becomes available. The revitalization process will totally transform the immediately adjacent areas, and the benefits will accrue to the wider community. If there's enough vacant land, there's no reason that this model couldn't revitalize all blighted areas across the country, with all initial investment paid back in full.

I do have a professional interest here, as I'm the Senior Vice President and General Counsel for The Trust for Public Land, a national nonprofit that builds parks and protects land. We would be very interested in participating in an effort such as this, as we've already committed to making sure every American has access to a quality park close to their home.

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