How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

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The great answer is radical permaculture.

Essentially permaculture is a garden farm that is eternally sustainable using natural principles for the climate zone.   A simplistic description of how it works is: find the slope of the land, put some chickens (or other animals like fish) at the high end, and then plant a higgly-piggly combinations of plants of all types which compliment each other to build the soil, including food crops.  Of course, in actuality experts in this field are not actually doing random stuff, but carefully designed botany  designed in such away to require little to no maintenance.

What this brings to the table is a connection to the earth and nature, while contradicting the philosophies of the urban landscape and rural mono-culture.

The linked video is just one lady in ireland, maybe not typical of permaculture but I think capturing the idea in its extreme form.



So glad you mentioned permaculture. Permaculture is in fact a complete design science that goes far beyond gardening. The following people and organizations have spent decades perfecting exactly what Blight Authority is aiming to accomplish:



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