How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

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Pet-friendly design

Many homeowners have pets, but few homes are designed to accommodate them. Consider putting dog doors such as this one in homes from the start, with a small artificial lawn, fenced, for pet waste.

Solo Pet Doors:

For cats, how about a vented closet-sized "bathroom" for the cat, with room for a cat box on a raised platform (for easy cleaning) and including all the various cat supplies in one place. If this is part of the original design, and located near the laundry room, for example, the cost is low.

Also consider central dog parks, one for small dogs and one for large. These are great for neighbors meeting neighbors, and dogs love them.

Consider an app for dog-walking and pet care in general. If you need a helper for your pet, just use the app to find a willing neighbor.

Have an area for community pets for those people who want the occasional benefit of a pet but don't want to take care of one full time.

What about a common area in the neighborhood where there is a larger swath of astroturf with plenty of waste pick up bags and stations. Maybe it also has a timed sprinkler drain system too to make sure it gets washed down nightly???

Maybe this area is fenced in with benches and some shade so dogs can play while their owners are in there.