How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

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Public Transport that people feel safe using, and want to use

So much public transport in large cities can lead to dangers for users, especially at night, when they have to wait a long time in lonely bus shelters or on empty platforms with just a flickering neon lamp. The unpredictable timings and run-down nature of public transport is a major reason for people to prefer not to use it too. The miserable lights used on public transport and the dirty seating and floors, also does not help make people feel good about using them.

Instead, look to new ways of doing things. As public transport rolling stock needs to be replaced, consider replacing it with radically better versions, for instance driver-less trams and railways, using CCTV to monitor and send policing as required - mostly drivers are little help when trouble erupts anyway, and their cost saving can be utilised in purchasing better rolling stock, using electrical power for environmental impact, as well as regular cleaning. These steps would encourage more people to use public transport, making the scary empty platform / bus with a weirdo on it a thing of the past, it is to be hoped.

Make lines connect more areas at the same time, helping eradicate congestion from cars, and of course helping the vulnerable to get about, and more people to use public transportation.

Again, look to the long-term savings rather than the short term costs. Better public transport environments should encourage use, raising ticket sale income. Better stock with clever monitored CCTV systems should discourage crime and vandalism which costs money otherwise to make good. The 'broken window effect' has shown that properly maintained public areas discourage crime and vandalism, again saving costs. Trams are on tracks and so they can run faster than buses, and with enough stock should encourage people to ditch their cars in preference of these. Ditching cars is obviously desirable for the health of the population as well as saving everyone valuable time on their commutes, raising general productivity. Main roads that are not blocked with traffic spewing fumes also encourage pedestrians to shop, creating opportunity for wealth creation, jobs creation and sustaining the economy of the high street / main street in towns and cities.