How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

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Solar Panels on Roofs of Homes

Communities should be designed with solar panels on the roofs of all homes. A builder could get out of this requirement by applying for permission not to put up a solar panel due to inefficiency, which would be accepted or denied. The solar panel system would likely be some standard system. It would also be possible to do this with other types of energy like small windmills, but I think it's probably best to concentrate on solar energy.

People who moved into these homes would get the energy produced from the solar panels for free. Any energy used beyond what the solar panels produced would have to be paid for. This allows people to get help paying for energy, while it also forces them to continue to manage their energy usage. For homes with permission not to build the solar panels, people moving into those could get an amount of free energy each month that the solar panels would've produced.

A community that is relatively energy self-sustaining without going to the extremes of trying to make the community totally self-sustaining could be very beneficial in my opinion.

The solar panel system would likely be some standard system.

When you get past free-standing arrays on a conventional roof, there are currently two types:

  • Tiled. Exemplified by Tesla's product (even the non-solar tiles are an excellent roofing material)
  • Standing seam metal. Thin-film roll-to-roll solar cells can be applied directly to the metal in vertical strips

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