How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

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Stormwater Management

When removing structures and restoring the land, consider grading the land to hold rain water instead of letting it flood adjacent occupied homes/businesses.

Agree... using swales or weeping ponds is a great way to do this.  Portland, Oregon is an example city with it's green streets projects.  Basically cut a swale below street grade between the side walk and street.  The street, sidewalk and buildings then run into these swales.  Swales are filled with plants (wet liking), and put the water back into the ground instead of streams and rivers.  Overflow, goes into the actual storm drain as to not flood out the area in 20 year flood type scenarios.

Alternately, the yard could be designed with swales on contour.  Roof could drain to swales with overflow going to the swale between the road and sidewalk.

It is very necessary to carefully manage the stormwater. If not taken care, stormwater can cause a lot of trouble and it can also destroy the house as well. We should look after this system and take help of professionals.

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