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Teaching Safety and Security/How to Respond to Law Enforcement or Govt Agencies

I think there needs to be a massive and ongoing trading/education effort to teach people how to respond to Police Officers and to engage with Govt officials. This training would be  jointly designed and attended by all interested parties. BLM, Law Enforcement, Social Agencies, such as Child Protection, Resources(food, living, etc). These high crime areas need more integrated officials. People who have lived here and know the people and issues. How to respond to Law Enforcement orders has to be DRILLED into the subconscious of every person in this area. Having groups like BLM helping the Police put these trainings on would help communication between these two groups. Juvenile’s brains are not developed enough to act in a rational manner in a high stress situation. Having continual trainings will help them AND the Police know how to act in dangerous situations. My juvenile staff used to talk to Juveniles on how to respond to Police. We had Officers come talk to them. The kids learned how the Police think and why. My view.

I think it's a great idea; opening more communication between law enforcement and the community would help eliminate the idea that they are two "sides at war".

In designing a new ground-up community, I'd want to see police officers that are actually living in the community they are policing.  Everyone should know the police in their area, and just as importantly, the police should knows the citizens of their community too.  Not just the bad elements, but as many people as possible in their community.  Removing as many barriers to understanding everyone around you is the key to avoiding issues.

This would definitely be something that could benefit the expertise of a Hawk Newsome-like character.  I'm hoping someone would have a way to connect Hawk/an equivalent person, say from a local BLM movement, to local politicians and law enforcement in the area? Here's a situation where everyone can win with no real cost.