How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

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Tiny Home Villages

For retirees, seniors, singles or even young families starting out.

Pic is multiple tiny homes on one lot.  Space doesn't seem to be the factor here as there is a large quantity of land for re-purposing...but I love tiny houses.

Love the picture and I too love tiny houses. One of the problems in my area is that zoning prevents multiple tiny homes being built on an individual lot.

For the Blight Authority, even with large quantities of land available, it might help to reserve space and zone for densely populated tiny home villages, thereby consolidating open land for other purposes (i.e. farming, community farming, parks, etc). It fits in nicely with many of the ideas Scott and others have mentioned here (prefab housing, security, sense of community, etc.) I especially like the idea of tiny home villages for retirees.

Not a fan.

The suburban tract home is an English manor house and yard plucked out of the supporting fields and outbuildings, and mass-replicated. These tiny houses are the same thing miniaturized.

They lack atria and common walls — that is the classic Roman model. The result is defensible urban spaces.


Here's a tiny home manufacturer, these are available in three sizes and could make an interesting little village.

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