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Tourism, attracting tourists

RE: Detroit revival - but applicable anyplace. Every place in Michigan competes for tourism & tourist $s. Every town has a festival or four. I've been many places in Michigan but never to Detroit because of security concerns. That and I can't think of any compelling reason to visit. If Detroit, Flint and other places (which are known for carjackings and property crime) are to attract tourist $ they need safe venues to host widely varied events such as craft beer tastings, dog festivals, local food festivals, fire works or winter lighting displays, winter fest, art fest, jazz fest, car fest etc. Take a look at other places like Traverse city and Frankenmuth and you will see safe and convenient overnight options, parking, transportation and play spaces. Pedestrian friendly, safe places to hold events. Many towns hold festivals (like Cherry festival, Octoberfest, etc) with many events over a weekend at different locations in the towns to pump tourist $ across the whole city. As these blighted areas are rebuilt, keep in mind attracting the artists & artisans to foster a unique local culture that can be celebrated and visited. Keep in mind tourist infrastructure and security. Some of your designs are likely to be unique - can that drive some amount of architectural tourism? What is left of the Motown culture that can still be celebrated? Is there anything unique and compelling to attract people? If you google best things to do in Detroit it's a snooze fest ( The Ford museum in Greenfield as an exception) and you see opening paragraphs like this from Crazy Tourist : "...The city of Detroit may not be on top of everyone’s “to see” lists in the United States, in fact many citizens of the States will think you crazy if you confide in them your plans to visit the city. Detroit is certainly going through a tough time, with a high number of abandoned homes and an equally high crime rate." ... As you rebuild please consider how to change this perception - or work with it - maybe with some sustainability tourism around blight authority first and later with some long term unique cultural attractions. Consider that New Orleans was a crime infested dump when I visited it for Mardi Gras back when every week end someone was murdered in the French Quarter. People will visit for a compelling enough event but they are always weighing the risk/reward. The greater the risk, the more unique and compelling the culture and event has to be.