How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

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Urban market gardening, an Illinois based advanced agriculture device, technology and greenhouse supply company, offer a proven successful system ideal for the Urban growing for year around production of fresh vegetables and mushrooms.  The system consists of the following:


  1. A groundbreaking ebook, ‘’Abundant Harvests - Food Security”, with links to the world’s proven successful market growers (on urban sized plots of 1/4 to 1 acre). Regenerative agriculture, BEAM (biologically enhanced agricultural management) and No-Till methods are featured in the eBook.
  2. Online and internship training through established internship programs with proven highly successful market gardeners and educators.
  3. Advanced single sloped insulated wall greenhouses with GeoBettery passive heating for hear around vegetable production in severe winter climates such as Michigan and upper Midwest.
  4. Proven mushroom log production for year around yields (mushrooms begin fruiting with 2 weeks of placement of mushroom legs in grow houses.)
  5. Turnkey structures and systems for year around fodder/microgreens/seedling production.
  6. Novel ‘Solar Grow Cart’ or mechanized ground prep/compost tea/compost/seeding and harvesting which dramatically improves efficiency and productivity in the Industry standard 30’’ seedbed system of market garden veg production
  7. Hi value for money walk behind tractors ideal for urban veg production.
  8. Greenhouse coverings are highly hail/wind resistant and can be erected in days for rapid implementation.
  9. Under an experienced team leader, local labor can be employed for growing, food prep and distribution to the local community.
  10. The combination of the above systems has a highly favorable ROI and annual profitability.


We invite a more detailed discussion by contacting Richard Porter, Marion, Illinois at 618-899-5090 and or Bill Porter at Website:


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