How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

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Sorry to keep bringing up McCormack, Baron, Salazar (MBS), yet they should be considered for advice/possibilities. While on a day long project tour of MBS neighborhoods in St. Louis, one thing that stood out from all others,where street-level commercial interests in the front doubled as homes in the back.

I'm not sure how things work here. If you only have 2 posts, why are you already sorry?

One thing that stood out [to me, 20 years ago] about Canby, Oregon, is that zoning laws let you live in a place of business.

Living above or behind one's business is totally old school and efficient.  Make perfect sense.  Phoenix has created some fabulous work/live lofts in the new arts district.  Subdivisions and "the burbs" are new -- didn't exist before the 1950's.